WHMCS Google Tag Manager

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Get detailed insights into your users activity on your shop and optimize product performance


Google Tag Manager adds advanced analytics information to your site using Google Analytics.
Get an overview of your product performance to optimize sales and increase revenue.
You can also view your customers' activity and behaviour on your site and get an overview of how your customers use your shop in order to optimize your checkout process.
Google Tag Manager for WHMCS also adds additional events to your analytics so that you can see exactly what your customers are doing on your site. When a customer logs in, you can track additional information about the client and segment your users to increase your marketing exposure.


  • Track product performance and identify the most popular products
  • Track product views vs clicks (add to cart)
  • Capture E-commerce information to get an overview of your sales and revenue stream
  • Identify your best performing marketing campaign
  • Gain insights into your customers' behaviour on your site
  • Capture user-specific information in order to segment your customers into groups
  • Logged-in Clients
  • Clients with an active affiliation account
  • View coupon code performance and which coupons are used the most in the sales process
  • Calculate revenue and break it down per product. This allows you to identify your best-performing products
  • See exactly what your customers are doing on your site with custom events and view individual customer behaviour
Note: You need an existing Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics account
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