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About Us

CustomScripts specialices in building online, web-based and facebook applications. 

Our main focus is creating rich internet applications, that is highly customisable, flexible and most important user-friendly!

We use the latest web technologies

Each application we create, we use the latest web technology to ensure we always stay ahead of the competition. By keeping up to date with web standards, we can ensure that our applications have the best features available.

Some of the technologies we use include the basics like PHP,. MySQL, CSS, JavaScript, XML and HTML5. But unlike everyone else out there, that is not all we use. We also do unit testing, continues integration, browser automation, source control and code quality checks. This guarantees the absolute minimum amount of bugs or errors in everything we do, and if a bug happens to sneak in we can get rid of it as quickly as possible.

We also utilize the power of frameworks, as it enhances our development, speeds up development time, and gives us much more flexibility in what we need to accomplish. Our main frameworks we use is Symfony2, jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap, but we are also very sufficient in Zend Framework, CakePHP and a whole lot ofher frameworks.

Custom created means you get exactly what you want

We don't use existing software (except for the frameworks) to get things done. Things like joomla, wordpress and drupal is only for the lazy developer that needs a website finished as soon as possible.


That's not what we are about. Our applications are totally custom developed. This ensures that it is flexible enough and have exactly the features you need instead of all the bloated features that come standard in other software that you never use.
This adds a bit to the development time, but in the end it is so much more worth it! 

Web hosting and Domain Registration

Along with our development, we also offer web hosting and domain registration. We have the basic web hosting for the people that just need to get a site up and running, and then we have specialised hosting that include dedicated and virtual servers.
The specialised hosting is set up individually according to your needs, so you can have the best resources spcifically for your application, so it can run as smooth and fast as possible.


So let us know your requirements and we will create an application that will have you amazed!

CustomScripts Team